Belarusians Are Among World’s Least Generous People, Study Finds

Belarus along with its people got in the world’s least generous countries, an annual Gallup global report suggests.

The report focused not only on the charity and donations but also asked about volunteering and helping a stranger in need.

Turns out that despite their friendly reputation Belarusians got into the top ten least generous people in the world. According to the study, only 31% of people in Belarus helped a stranger in the past month.

“Almost one billion people reported volunteering their time to an organization in the past month, nearly 1.4 billion said they donated money to a charity and more than two billion reported helping a stranger in need,” the report reads.

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Indonesia and Australiana were named the most generous nations – followed closely by the people from the United States and New Zealand. Latvians and citizens of Iraq are on the other side of the scales, they topped the least generous in spirit populations.

Interestingly, the study found out that a person doesn’t need to be rich to give back. Some countries – Indonesia, Kenya and Myanmar – where people have far less to give are among the most generous.

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Gallup’s results are based on interviews of 153,000 people across 146 countries with at least 1,000 folks per locale responding. The group believes GDP isn’t the best indicator of community well-being, thus it has been measuring similar sentiment for more than a decade.

“GDP can increase, but it doesn’t mean people’s lives are getting better,” says Jof Clifton, global managing partner at Gallup.

What about you? How would you personally describe your experience of interacting with people in Belarus?