For The First Time In History. Belarusians Fly Round The World In Single-Engine Plane

Most people have fantasised about flying and many have dreamt about travelling the world alone. And only few have been brave enough to combine the two and believe they could fly around the earth.

Wish them clear sky and soft landings!

On Saturday, 18 August, Alexander Tsenter and Andrey Borisevich went on a round-the-world flight in a lightweight screw-propelled aircraft Cessna 182T.

The daredevils will spend in the air up to 100 hours and cover almost 20,000 kilometres, including at least 40 stops in 10 countries on the way.

Flying an aircraft to the ends of the earth, the pilots will report back on the adventures and challenges on social media and TUT.BY special page.

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You can monitor daily updates and follow the unprecedent voyage in real time on the official website of the circumnavigation letim.by.

Two days before the flight TUT.BY journalists met with the Belarusians in the airship hangar near Minsk to talk about their risky flight.

Why do they need it?

“How else is to see Russia, the Arctic, Baikal, Alaska and Greenland at once? If I could buy a ticket for such a flight, I would do that.

I want to talk to people there, send greetings from Belarus, invite them to us.

 I would like to see a crew from Belarus among round-the-world pilots,” explains his motivation Alexander Tsenter.

Alexander Tsenter is the chairman of the Belarusian Federation of Aviation Sports and one of the most high-flying Belarusian businessmen.

The pilot-in-command has 1200 flight hours. In January 2017 he carried out a flight from the US and across the Atlantic on the same Cessna 182T.

Another participant of the flight is Andrey Borisevich. The pilot has three thousand hours of flying and leads the aviation academy “SkyEagle” in the US.

“It is a challenge. I haven’t flown around the wolrd before. Any pilot would find it interesting. Also. the project is complex from the point of organization.

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You need to check all the permits, fly through ten countries with different rules, regulations, peculiarities of the legislation.

Plus, it’s certainly a test of human capabilities. Every day you will to fly for seven to eight hours, with limited mobility. It’s a test of yourself, the plane, and your skills.”

Another reason for Andrei Borisevich, who left Belarus 15 years ago, to fly around the world is the opportunity to do something for his country.

“A journey round the world in a Belarusian aircraft with a Belarusian crew is a serious contribution to the treasury of Belarus’ sport achievements. So why not?” the pilot says.

There were 230 round-the-globe flights on single-engine light aircrafts in the world.

Alexander Tsenter and Andrey Borisevich will become the first crew from Belarus to write their names in history of aviation. Join us in following their adventure!