Belarusians Pay Last Respects To Protester Who Died In Post-Election Unrest

A farewell ceremony was held in Minsk today for Alexander Taraikovsky, who died on 10 August near Pushkinskaya metro station, where riot police brutally dispersed peaceful protesters using clubs, flash grenades, water cannons, and tear gas. 

Thousands of Belarusians gathered at the site where Alexander Taraikovsky died to to pay last respects and lay flowers.

The man’s death certificate states that the main cause of death was an open chest wound, he died from massive blood loss. The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that Alexander died after an unidentified explosive device blew up in his hands while he tried to throw it at the police.

Many doubted the statement and published photos and videos allegedly showing police opening fire as the man collapses. Alexander’s family and friends also refuse to believe the official account that he was killed when an explosive device blew up in his hand. The man was 34-year-old, he was survived by a 3-year-old daughter.

As the coffin was carried out, many dropped to one knee, weeping and exclaiming “Glory to the hero”, “Long live Belarus!”

Source: TUT.BY