52,000 Belarusians Received EU Residence Permit In 2017

In 2017, almost 52,000 Belarusians received a residence permit in the European Union (EU), Eurostat reports.

About 3.1 million first residence permits were issued in the European Union to non-EU citizens.

There were 51,841 Belarusian beneficiaries. Most of the residence permits – 42,756 – were given for Belarusian citizens living in Poland.

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2,874 of residence permits were issued in Lithuania, 1,212 in the Czech Republic, 1,050 in Germany, 621 in the UK, 484 in Latvia, 316 in Sweden, and 213 in the Netherlands.

Only three Belarusians received a residence permit in Liechtenstein. Employment reasons accounted for almost half of all first residence permits issued, that is 26,583 people.

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22,192 people received their permits in Poland, 2,537 in Lithuania, 628 in the Czech Republic, 203 in Germany, 125 in Norway, 104 in Sweden. Family reasons were taken into account for 2,994 people and education reasons for 1,968 people.

In 2016, the number of residence permits issued 29,372, while in 2015 it was 82,024.