Free Babariko And Borisevich With Flowers. See How Belarusians Support Political Prisoners

Solidarity actions with political prisoners Katerina Borisevich, Artem Sorokin, Daria Chultsova, Ekaterina Andreeva and Viktor Babariko are taking place in Minsk. Some arrange walks around the city for painted paper figures, while the people themselves are behind bars. Others glue flowers [Katerina is a big lover of flowers] with black duct tape as a sign of authorities silencing the truth, while healthcare workers support their colleague Artyom Sorokin with a ‰ flashmob.

“While the trial of Artyom Sorokin and Katerina Borisevich continues, we keep walking with political prisoners near Traktorny Zavod area. Artem Sorokin should now be free and play with his children on the playground. Katerina Borisevich is walking along our trolleybus ring,” readers wrote TUT.BY journalists.

Today, the Moskovsky district court of Minsk continues to consider the case of TUT.BY journalist Katerina Borisevich and emergency hospital doctor Artyom Sorokin, who have been accused of disclosing medical secrets [that deceased Roman Bondarenko was sober during the attack on him, which resulted in his death].

The first hearing took place on Friday, 19 February, this is when a judge decided to hold the trial behind closed doors.

Soon after that, Minskers took to the streets to support Katerina, who loves flowers and truth most of all, by glueing flowers with black duct tape in different parts of the city. Even before the trial of the journalist and doctor, colleagues of the anesthesiologist started a solidarity ‰ flashmob. They shared numerous photos on social media.

Daria Chultsova and Ekaterina Andreeva are “walking” in Traktorny Zavod and Velozavod neighbourhood. These are Belsat journalists, who were sentenced to two years in prison for live streaming from the Square of Change, where protesters and mourners gathered in memory of Roman Bondarenko.

Viktor Babariko also went for a “walk” in Minsk. The former top manager of Belgazprombank, who could have become the main rival of Alexander Lukashenko in the elections in August 2020, is now on trial. He is charged with money laundering and taking bribes.

See how Belarusians supportTUT.BY journalist Katerina Borisevich and emergency hospital doctor Artyom Sorokin:

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