New Statistics: Belarusian Women Are Happier And More Hopeful Than Men

According to Belstat, 90% of Belarusian women aged 15-49 years feel happy and only 86% of men of the same age feel this way.

Last year, Belstat conducted the sixth round of a multi-indicator cluster household survey (MICS 6). It is a UNICEF global initiative and one of the largest international household survey programs.

belarus women statistics

The survey is to provide internationally comparable, statistically rigorous data on the situation of children and women. In Belarus, the study was conducted for the third time.

It involved about 9 thousand families who answered dozens of different questions. Among the numerous questions being asked were about happiness and satisfaction with life.

90% of women and 86% of men aged 15 to 49 feel happy. 

For young people from 15 to 24 years old, this indicator is higher: 95% for women and 92% for men,” said Inna Konoshonok, the head of the Department of Living Standards Statistics and Household Surveys.

During the study, respondents were also asked about the average life satisfaction score. For women aged 15 to 49, it was 7,2 out of ten possible, while for men the score was 6,8.

“To make it easier for a person to navigate during this question, he or she was shown a picture of a staircase with the steps from zero to ten.

The top of the stairs represented the best standard of living, and the bottom – the worst. The person was asked to evaluate at which step on the stairs he stands,” Inna Konoshonok explains.

Among other questions was the one about the future. 95% of women from 15 to 24 years old and 92% of men of the same age said that they believe that their life will become better in a year.

Source: TUT.BY