Belarusian Shopping Centers Safety Checked After Blaze Kills 64 In Russia

The Belarusian Interior Ministry and the Emergencies Ministry are checking the shopping malls and other public places for the correspondence to the fire security rules. 

Don’t let the tragedy happen again!

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko gave the instructions to check safety of public places after the deadly fire in the Russian city of Kemerovo killed at least 64 people.

The ministries are ordered to put together a comprehensive plan and arrange an examination of such facilities at every oblast of the country by the end of the month.

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“First of all, we will look into fire safety measures, escape routes, proper work of safety systems, automatics, and fire extinguishers.

We will also check personnel training — their knowledge and skills, actual accomplishments,” Belarusian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Vashchenko said on Monday, 26 March.

Fire security as well as evacuation plans have already been checked in several Minsk shopping centers.

Today, visitors and employees of “Galleriya”, “Titan,  “Zamok” and “Globo” shopping centers were urgently evacuated.

“Today we’ve been instructed to take a look at the state of affairs and take exhaustive measures to prevent such things from happening in our country.

This is why I would recommend that all managers and owners of such facilities should not wait for the arrival of our inspectors.

Instead they should take exhaustive measures to take care of fire safety as of today.”

The results will be reported to the president.

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Owners and managers of places where serious safety violations are detected will be made known and punished.

“Naturally, we will approach the matter very seriously without any delays because we cannot let such a tragedy happen in Belarus.

This is why the president has given instructions to take exhaustive measures to address violations.

We may go as far as shutting down the facilities where violations threaten the safety of people,” Vashchenko said.

The Emergencies Ministry will keep the general public informed about the work done.

Source: BelTA