Belarusian Grows Monstrous 400kg Pumpkin That Keeps Growing

With still more than two months to go until Halloween a pumpkin has already reached unbelievable proportions in Grodno garden of Gavraniny family.

A nice carriage for Cinderella!


The 400kg fruit has become a real attraction in the village, with neigbours coming now and then to look at it and take a selfie.

What it even more surprising is that the super-sized plant you can sit on has no signs it will stop growing in the near future.

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TUT.BY reporters met the green-fingered family that prouldy showed their pumpkin and told what they are planning to do with it.


Sergei and Lyudmila still want to taste it and joke they may cook porridge from the squash that will last them for a year.

The giant pumpking comes from America. The head of the family saw a similar vegetable on the internet and decided to order seed.

Warm wet summer and constant care contributed to the pumpkin’s incredible growth.

“If there were more of them here, it would not have grown so huge,” says Sergei.


While the orange behemoth remains rooted in the ground, it’s not possible to accurately weight it on.

However, there is a specvial system that allows to determine weight of the giant without any scales.

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The pumpkin was measured, and then calculated – it weighs about 400 kilos and is 375cm in circumference.

By autumn, it will become even bigger and heavier! By the way, in the USA they have giant pumpkin contest every year.

In 2016 Mathias Willemijns from Belgium set a world record with a super squash that weighed 1,190 kilos.