Belarusian Potato Brand With Lovely Babushkas Wins Prestigious International Contest

What associations do you have when thinking of your granny, summertime and dishes she cooked for you? Well, this is what Fabula Branding designers put in a local potato trademark last year.

Babina Leta or the Indian summer?

This year their work won Bronze award at the Pentawards 2018 – the holy grail of recognition within the packaging design industry.

The prestigious award was given for a “Babina Leta” packaging, a brand thatto “Sula” agricultural center and INDIGO Classic for the “Farmin” company.

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The designers were inspired by ordinary Belarusian babushkas, who later became major brand-characters.

“The idea came up thanks to the “Babina Leta” non-commercial project. Three year ago, in the middle of September, me and my colleagues drove to my 86-year-old grandma to cook apple jam.

This jam we presented to our friends and agency partners, with a postcard where we raised an issue of caring for the elderly people,” recalls Fabula Branding creative director Olga Kashkan.

Shortly afterwards t the agency had a client who wanted to develop a design for his product. This is when the idea with photos of real Belarusian grandmothers arose.

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“After all, a brand is not only about visualization and a name. First of all, it is about values ​​and associations. 

We didn’t cast and didn’t write any ads. Four grandmothers aged 75-86 are our grandmothers or grandmothers of our friends.”

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It took four months for the designers to work the idea out and create an image of the real “Belarusian hostess”.

Besides creating an authentic trademark they wanted to celebrate the diligence and modesty of people, their love for their native land.

“We bore this thoughts in mind, and didn’t think about festivals or awards. I believe this is why the result is more than just a successfull, well-sold product.

It is some kind of declaration of love to our grandmothers, it’s a sincere gratitude for their care and warmth,” Olga resumes.

Source: CityDog.by