Fire It Up! Belarusian Steel Works Releases Saucy Calendar For 2019

Employees of the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant (BMP) have released their annual saucy calendar.

The plant has released a calendar every year since 2009, offering its workers the chance to let their hair down.

This year’s offering shows female workers at improvised workplaces – steaming and sparkling steel-making furnaces.

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Don’t worry, the women are safe and sound, it was Christmas lights that created the fiery atmosphere.

An accountant, economist, leading specialist, engineer, medical assistant, choreographer, and others competed to appear on the pages of the calendar.

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The heavy jewelry on the models also has a twist, it was made of billets, metal, pipes, steel cord, wire, and fiber.

Year after year the calendar becomes more conservative. In comparison with the 2013 edition, where the workers stripped off for the photo shoot, this year’s calendar looks pretty modest.

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Feel like your walls need this calendar right away? We have to disappoint you, it is not for sale and will be presented to the plant’s partners only.

To know more about the plant. watch the video below:

Source: TUT.BY