Jazz-Folk, Art-Rock And More! Listen To 5 Best Belarusian Albums Of 2017

Ever wanted to immerse in the universe of Belarusian music? Now you have a great chance to do so. Put on your earphones and enjoy five best Belarusian albums of 2017, according to Experty.by.

Let the music surround and take you far away!

Tonqixod, «Koler, yakogo nyama»

Who: A Minsk art-rock trio that combines ingineous music with the unusual poetry of guitarist and vocalist Vladimir Lenkevich.

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Awards: Best Album of the Year, Best Rock Album, Best Belarusian-Language Album, Prize of Staff Experts, Grand Jury Prize.

LSP, Tragic City

Who: a major breakthrough in Belarus – 2017 for the CIS markets. The band combines hip-hop, electronica and pop music.

Awards: Best Pop Album ,”Foreign Experts’ Prize.

Ana Zhdanova, Appetiizer

Who: An indie singer, known for her project Lilac, «Lily $ Sahara», Bonehider, released her debut full-length album.

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Awards: Best Electronic Album.

Zero-85 «Turritopsis Nutricula»

Who: Belarusian rock band from Bialystok, winners of the festival “Basovishcha – 2001”, for whom, however funny, this is the first (and already announced, the last) full-length album.

Awards: People’s Choice Prize.

Ulyanica «Vyasna»

Who: A jazz folk band of Uliana Gedzik, recorder in Poland, but still faithful to Belarusian folk songs.

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Awards: Best debut album, Best folk album.

An expert jury consisting of 17 local and 5 foreign music journalists, as well as active users of the website took part in the selection.

Source: TUT.BY