Vodka, Shrooms And Pasta. This Belarusian Artist Will Blow Your Mind With Her Crazy Looks

Meet Nadezhda Leanovich, an aspiring artist from Minsk who creates crazy looks using various materials at hand. And the results are just mind blowing!

With the rise of Instagram, you don’t even need to go to an art gallery to see her works.

She took photos of herself lying naked in a bath of mushrooms, being surrounded by vodka bottles alluding to some religious themes and declared her love to pasta.

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In an interview with Nasha Nina, the Belarusian artist of arts and crafts shared her innermost ideas and feelings, saying she never felt beautiful.

That was one of the reasons that affected her style and made it have unconventional, albeit ridiculous and even outrageous.

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The same world and self perception is discernible in Nadezhda’s art.

Nadya has recently graduated as a”graphic designer” and is still experimenting with her style and language.

Meanwhile, her army of subscribers are happy to follow her voyage of self-discovery and self-actualization