4 Love Stories Of Belarusian Men Who Won Hearts Of Foreign Women

Men from all around the world keep talking up wonder women from Belarus, how sweet, beautiful, kind and intelligent they are. But what about Belarusian men?

BelarusFeed asked its subscribers married to Belarusian guys to share their love stories and tell us what is so special about them.

Dzianis and Amandine Smilevich 😍

We have been together for over 20 years. We met in France in June 1998 during a basketball tournament. Dzianis was one of the players my family hosted for the weekend.

I knew he is the one knew the moment I saw him. I suppose this is what you call love at first sight. He stayed with us for three days only.

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He could not speak a word of English or French and I could not speak Russian. We spent the whole weekend trying to communicate, using a dictionary and drawing pictures. Two days later he left.

I was only 19 years old and had no idea where Belarus was but what I knew is that I wanted to see him again. So without thinking twice, I just bought a plane ticket to visit him in Minsk.

We spent the whole weekend using a dictionary and drawing pictures to communicate

That was the beginning of our story together. We got married six years after the first meeting. I ended up learning Russian and now speak it fluently. We tend to speak Russian at home even though we live in the UK and both speak English.

Dzianis is hilarious! He has inherited the Russian sense of humour gene. He is also extremely caring and notices if people around him are having a bad day.

He will always try to make them smile by being silly. His appearance doesn’t match his character at all. He is a gentle giant (6ft 7 tall!) who melts in front of children and animals.

He is very close to his family, he always keeps in touch with them and makes sure they have everything they need back at home.

Is there anything about him that I would call typically Belarusian? I met my husband when I was quite young so I can only compare him to the teenager boyfriends I had.

He was a lot more mature than his French counterparts at that time. Also, he loves kvas and birch water, does it count?

Anton and Judith Karbanovich 💕

Anton and I met in 2009, so we have known each other for ten years. We met each other at Crown College of the Bible which is in Tennessee, the U.S.

belarusian men love foreign women dating

We were in the same class together for our Masters, so we saw each other every day. I understood quite quickly that Anton was the one, even though I was afraid of dating and marriage.

I knew that love was growing in my heart and that this was the real love story that everyone hopes for. We dated for about a year before finally getting married in Northern Ireland, my home country, in 2011.

This was the real love story that everyone hopes for

We now have two children, Ella, 5, and Oliver, 2. We are glad they get to experience two different cultures and languages in their lives. My husband is unlike any other person I’ve met.

Nothing is ever a problem for him if someone needs help, be it a friend or a stranger. He has a very forgiving heart, holding grudges is not a part of his character.

There are a few things that make my husband typically Belarusian. He likes kholodets, shuba salad and buttermilk – I still struggle with all of these.

There must be a shoehorn in the hall. Doing a few errands in the city can take up all day. No meal is complete without a salad, apart from breakfast.

He knows how to have a good time!

Artsiom and Rachel Piatrovitch ❤ 👪

My husband Artsiom and I have been together for around 18 and a half years. We first met in 1999 when I traveled to Belarus with a friend of mine to keep her company.

He came to pick us up from the airport but was waiting in the warm car and we thought he hadn’t turned up. Back in the late ’90s, the arrivals hall was very dark, dimly lit and we couldn’t call him.

belarusian men foreign women love

Thankfully he turned up and we spent part of the trip together. He spoke English very well and translated for us.

We met again only a year after when he came to England, this is when I knew there might be something between us.

I had paid a return visit to Belarus and two weeks later he proposed to me. We have now been married and have three boys together. We live and work in Belarus.

I love the country and count it an honour to have made it my home

As other Belarusians, he is very pragmatic, unsentimental, committed and ‘памяркоўны’ (thoughtful and patient man – note BelarusFeed).

My husband is a very Godly, dependable and honourable man. He knew what he wanted and went for it.

Vadim and Hannah Moll 💒

We have been together for three and a half years. We met on a student exchange program, he spent a week in Germany and I’ve spent a week in Belarus.

We became a couple after a few months and had a long distance relationship for almost two years. We had very long conversations by phone, messages and video calls.

belarusian men foreign women

At first we communicated only on English. When we decided that Vadim would move to Germany we switched to German, and I started to learn Russian, so that I could speak with his family and get around in Belarus.

I always tried to learn a few words in Belarusian, but since Russian is the main language spoken in his family and most stores and restaurants in Minsk, I stick to it.

Vadim is always a gentleman, when we started dating he always met me with flowers, was very romantic. German men are a bit different.

For example, when he wanted to carry my bags, it was really difficult for me to accept it.

Sometimes it wasn’t easy for me, because I like to be independent

Vadim always sees the positive in everything. He fights for his goals and reaches them no matter what. He motivates other people to fulfill their goals.

He cooks delicious draniki and bliny with a cabbage. He is a good listener and more patriotic than me. We are not married yet, but are engaged and planning our wedding for next summer.

We laugh so much together, support each other, that’s what a good relationship needs.