This Dialect Map Lets You Hear How Belarusians Speak Native Language

Few people know that despite its modest size Belarus boasts off a variety of dialects. A team of ethno-enthusiasts from Brest did something wonderful and created an audio map of the dialects of the Belarusian language for you to learn and enjoy.

We could spend hours listening to it and not get bored.

The project was based on audio recordings, collected by radio journalist Inna Khomich during her business trips to the villages of Brest region.

Together with his colleagues, she looked through the archive and picked audio samples with the most vivid dialect features of their speakers.

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The recordings let you hear how old people living in different Paliessie villages talking about their traditions, rituals and secrets.

Each audio file is not only an example of local “gavorka” (sub-dialect), but a small story with its own storyline.

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“We wanted people to listen to different recordings, so they can have a full picture in their head of how people are speaking in a specific viallge,” Inna Khomich said TUT.BY.

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Currently there are over 50 audio samples on the map of dialects recorded at different districts of Brest region.

However, the authours of the map don’t have plans to stop at it and invite everyone to complete the map.

To do this, you should make a record of the dialect, fill out the form and send the audio sample to the website.

Source: TUT.BY