Belarusian Guy Breaks Guinness World Record For Muscle-Ups (Photos, Video)

“Whatever you did in workout, Maksim had already done it and better than you,” they say about Maxim Trukhonovts, one of the most famous Belarusian athletes of the workout movement.

Muscle ups are Maksim’s favourite exercise.

The guy had been already mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records for the maximum number of pull-ups.

This year he broke one more world record for the most consecutive muscle ups, taking it to 26 times.

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It took Maksim four and a half years of rigorous training to make it happen.

Besides his main work as a programmer, the athlete spends at least two hours, six times a week in a gym.

Despite the fact that the Belarusian set this record in March, the official reponse from the Guinness World Records came only in August.

“Congratulations, you are the record holder.” These are the words the sportsman was waiting to hear for almost half a year.

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Although one muscle up was not counted, 26 repetitions were enough to beat the record set by Australian Jared Rubenstein back in 2011.

The ambitious Belarusian already has plans for the next record, but wants to keep it secret until done.

When asked what’s the point of breaking the world records thing, Maksim said: “For me it means to set goals and achieve them.”

Source: TUT.BY