This IT Guy Rediscovers The Tender Romance Of Belarusian Fields

Typical IT guys working in glass-and-steel office buildings don’t have much touch with nature.

But not this one!

Viacheslav Mazai is CEO at OneSoil, an agri-tech startup for precision farming. However, he is best known for his amazing drone shots of Belarusian nature.

The entrepreneur spends a lot of time in the countryside, often starting his day before the sun goes up. 

The perks of such an untrivial workplace are numerous views of sunsets, colorful treetops, buzzing machinery on the fields and kaleidoscopic land patters one can only see from a bird’s-eye perspective.

belarusian fields drone pictures onesoil

belarusian fields drone pictures onesoil

By the way, Viacheslav’s photography is loved by National Geographic that has featured his works in its Daily Dozen several times.

belarusian fields drone pictures onesoil

“At dawn, you only got a couple of minutes to capture the light you’ve been waiting to spot for a couple of days.

The sun rises very quickly, the colors change every minute. A moment ago, the forest was dark, and now the trees are all covered in golden splashes.

Hold your breath and feel the dawn,” the photographer says.

Fancy joining him?

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