Wonder Woman! Belarusian Becomes 1st Female Double Amputee To Complete Marathon In US

Tatiana Khvitsko-Trimborn was born in Nesvizh, Belarus, without legs and fingers. Againts all the odds, she became the first female double bilateral congenital amputee to complete the marathon in the US.

And this is her fantastic story.

“You want to talk about cool? Tanya is cool.

She is bubbly but also a boss, unafraid of challenges, be it a rock-climbing wall or earning a Master’s degree in a secondary language,” the American newspaper Lois Post-Dispatch writes.

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Due to effects of Chernobyl radiation she was born without legs and had only four total fingers.

Like many of her peers at boarding school for special children Tanya had every chance to spend her life in a wheelchair.

But the life of the girl, whose first prosthetic legs were made of wood, changed after she had a chance to go to the US via an international program.

In 2008, Tanya moved to the Kansas City area, where she went to college and became a professional in public relations.

If you ask me why I run. It’s simple, I run because I can! 🤗✌🏻🏃🏼‍♀️

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Now the 27-year-old has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares photos of herself training hard or getting married.

She also volunteers as a coach for Girls on the Run and competes in CrossFit competitions with a team called “Some Assembly Required.”

After dropping out of the 2017 Kansas marathon after 19 miles, Tanya completed it this year in a stunning time of 4:30.36.

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“I wish I remembered more. I remember I started crying.

It was the emotion of — Oh my gosh, I finally finished it and all my hard work paid off.

And the emotion of — My hips are on fire,” Tanya recalled her emotions after the marathon.

The stubborn Belarusian became the first female double blade runner who completed the GO! St. Louis Marathon – 26.2 miles – on prosthetic legs.

It was the first and surely not the last marathon of her life.

Now the unstoppable Tanya is preparing for a triathlon and just wants you to remember that we all can encourage each other.