Listen To Ancient Belarusian Bagpipe Tunes On 3-5 May For Free

Hlybokaje, the lake-land region of Belarus, invites all bagpipe melomaniacs to take part in the third festival of Dudarski Rej on 3-5 May.

Unlike other bagpipe festivals in Europe, the fest in Hlybokaje focuses on authentic traditions of tiny villages, districts and provinces.

Photo: Belarusian Bagpipe Region

Hlybokaje aspires to be a meeting point which unites various bagpipe regions of Europe. It is a homeland of pipers-musicians, pipers-poets and pipers-artists.

Dudarski Rej 2019 will bring together musicians and bagpipe makers from Belarus, Poland, Macedonia and Croatia. This year the festival is scheduled for May 3, 4, and 5 and won’t cost its visitors a penny.

Dozens of concerts, parades, and exhibitions will fill Hlybokaje and the hearts of fans of the ancient Belarusian instrument with the mesmerizing sounds of bagpipes. Will you be one of them?

Friday, 3 May

12 am – 2 pm The opening of the festival + the valley of famous countrymen. Where: 17 Vierasień square

5 pm – 7 pm The pipers’ parade + Dudarski Rej gala concert. Where: Padsville

8 pm – 9 pm The concert in the Plisa sanatorium

Saturday, 4 May

12 pm  – 2 pm The press-conference with media, organizers and participants of the festival. Where: Hlybokaje Central Library

5 pm – 7 pm Duda singing party (master classes, dances, performances). Where: Hlybokaje House of Culture

Sunday, 5 May

11 am Catholic mass with the participation of musicians. Where: Catholic church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Udziela village

More information about the event is on the Dudarski Rej Facebook page.