“Some Things Are Ruled Better Than In EU” Long-Time BelarusFeed Readers Explain Their Interest In Belarus

Those people have work, friends or love in Belarus, have been to the country many times and are always keeping an eye on Belarus no matter where they are.

Nine readers, who have been following BelarusFeed for years, have explained what they like about the website and the country.

Andy from England

Andy, 60, is a trustee of the charity Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline, that he had joined in 2004, and a BelarusFeed reader from May 2014.

He found the page on Facebook.

“I have visited Belarus seven times. I follow BF so that I know what is happening in the country where I have some friends and care for your children. The articles about economics are helpful.

The most helpful article recently was about the 5 day visa-free travel. I used it 3 weeks ago!”

Christian from Germany

Christian is 75. He lives in Lichtenfels in Bavaria and has been following BelarusFeed since 2014 like Andy.

“After I became acquainted with a very nice family living in Minsk, we had correspondence for over a year and then they invited me to Minsk.

Their daughter studied in Minsk and worked, half a day, for a patent-attorney. We uset to meet near the main railway station and she showed me everything she thought was important to see in Minsk.

I met them again in Austria and I showed them Graz. Later my friends’ daughter got married and gave birth to her first child, a nice girl named Snezhana. This was the reason for me to fly to Minsk again and we had nice time together.

And this is why I inform myself about everything happening in Belarus to be able to follow a discussion. I read about politics, literature, history and many other interesting articles in your reports.

Most interesting for me was to hear about what your president, Mr. Lukaschenko, tried to change to bring your economic forward and bring poor people a better life. His way to work together with EU.

Also the news that travelers can get in for 5 days for free. Very good information. Better be 7 days!

So I hope you will understand my love to Belarus, and to its nice and always helpful people”.

Carrie from the USA

Carrie Lynn, 36, lives in the state of Michigan and has a very romantic story connected with Belarus! She has been reading BF for about a year.

“I am interested in Belarus because my husband was born and raised there. He moved to the United States in 2000.

We met in 2004 just before he was planning on going back to Belarus to live. That year we ended up getting married  and he is now a U.S. citizen. We have two beautiful daughters together!

I like to learn as much as I can about Belarus and Belarusian culture so I can teach my children about their heritage. I am interested in the news because my husband has many family members still living in Belarus.

I stumbled upon BelarusFeed about a year ago. It was something that had popped up on my Facebook news feed. I liked the article and I’ve been following you ever since.

YES! I am absolutely reccommending it to others!”

Vincenzo from Czech Republic

Vincenzo, 28, lives in Prague. We believe he was among the first 1000 followers of the then Belarus in English.

“I am very interested in all Slavic countries because I love their culture: food, music, drinking. The Czech are not so much Slavic anymore, we are bit mixed with Germans. But we still drink a lot!

I am also very interested in politics, and Belarus is very interesting to me in this respect. I am watching how people live there, if they are OK, how your political regime works.

Of course, I am not a fan of this kind of power, but I think that some things are ruled better than in our countries.

There’s less bureaucracy than in the Czech Republic. I am trying to compare your situation to ours in the European Union, because the EU and also the Czech government are creating new and new restrictions and bans and limitations, and we are slowly getting back to ruled socialism in the EU’s hands.

Besides, I watch Belarusian news, because I love to travel to that region – to Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Croatia, etc. I want to visit Belarus, too.

On BelarusFeed I like articles about livestyle, politic situation and food. The most helpful ones are about visas.

Not much people in Prague are interested in Belarus, so I’ve never recomended them BelarusFeed – but I will try!”

Elena from Ireland

Elena, 44, was born in Minsk, but has lived and worked in Ireland since 1997. She is with BelarusFeed since March 2015.

“Though I live in Ireland, I am still a Belarusian in my heart and soul. And I never forget it. So I always try to get any opportunity to see what is happening in my country.

I am a great fan of the page. You have a great selection of various articles and that what I like about your site.

Anyone can find a topic they are interested in and follow it on your site – starting from official news and finishing with entertainment. Personally, I love starting my day with a cup of coffee and absolutely magnificent selection of photographs of Minsk or Belarus. It gives a great boost to the day.

The most interesting post I’ve seen lately was about a pug that travels every place with his owner in a carry bag. How cute is that?!

Because I am involved with Irish Charity Chernobyl Aid Ireland and we do bring humanitarian aid to Belarus and also organize holidays for Belarusian kids in Ireland, the most useful article for me was article about visa free travel to Belarus for foreigners.

Since then, few of our volunteers travelled to Belarus on that programme”.

Paco from Mexico

Paco is 26, has been with BelarusFeed for several years and has found his love in Belarus!

“I grew interest searching music from all over the world. I knew about CheeryVata, Atmoravi, and some rock bands.

I had an internet Belarusian friend. Then my girlfriend, who is Belarusian, added me on Facebook for whatever reason, we talked, fell in love, and decided to go to Belarus!

So all the topics related to Belarus became of interest to me, including society, politics, economy, jobs, nature, weather…

Публикация от @shlepakova_

I found the page when I was searching for Belarusian news and memes. I love BF for the variety, materials that are easy to read and the interesting way in which they write the articles.

My favorite ones were about bicycle lanes, new money, manifestations, and when the President asked people to work naked!”

Franco from Italy

Franco is 40 years old. He lives in Rome and has been reading BelarusFeed since July 2016.

“My wife is Belarusian and I often come here as a photographer and videomaker.

I was looking for a page with news about Belarus in English and I found you on Facebook.

I’d like to know news about Belarus and its people. I like articles like 5 places where to go for… And as a photographer I liked the one about Instagrams of Belarus to follow“.

Encarna from Spain

Encarna, 55, lives in Cartagena and started following BelarusFeed at the end of 2016.

“I collaborate with an association helping those affected by Chernobyl disaster. I found the page scrolling through Facebook.

I adore the beautiful pictures you post and I keep myself informed about the most important news with the help of the website.

And I have recommended it to other members of my association”.

Darren from Ireland

Darren, 39, followed BelarusFeed in autumn 2016.

“I have a lot of Belarusian friends and I like it here very much.

So I am coming to Belarus for many years now and I spotted your feed during a random search for news on Belarus.

I am genuinely interested in what’s happening in the country as I have a lot of good memories from here.  Most of all, I like articles about the political situation and economy.

The most useful one was probably about the 5 day free visa as it has been really helpful for me personally (it should be 10 days at least though!)”.

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