Best Of BelarusFeed Articles In 2018

Some stories are good, others are not so bad and there are stories that make history. Here’s a comprehensive guide to BelarusFeed articles of 2018 you loved the most.

As you might expect, the most clicked article was the extension of the visa-free regime in Belarus to up to 30 days. You also wanted to know all the peculiarities of visa-free travel to Brest and Grodno, where tourists may stay up to ten days.

Where can you cross the borders? What documents are necessary? Who can visit Belarus without a visa? These are just some of the questions we answered to make your stay here comfortable.

This year you also wanted to know Belarusians better and tried to avoid topics that may infuriate your Belarusian friends, who were named the least emotional people in the world. You were baffled by why Belarusians don’t speak their native language, wondered why everyone thinks Belarus is a part of Russia and did your best when trying to avoid mistakes when dating Belarusian girls.

Why European men love Belarusian women so much generated a great deal of buzz too. Four men from Manchester, Paris and Frankfurt analyzed, compared and explained why Belarusian women are simply the best. We tried to do the same and did it in 13 funny GIFs.

Just when we thought you know the country and there’s nothing to surprise you, you show a strong interest to such basic questions as ‘What is Belarus?’, ‘How old is Belarus?’ and ‘Where is it?’. We also asked our readers what they found weird, funny or just awkward in Belarus and Belarusians. And the results were absolutely hilarious.

You liked impressions of an American traveler who loved Minsk so much he thought of 23 reasons why you MUST visit it. You couldn’t wait when foreigners will be allowed to stay in Belarus without registration and undergo the procedure via the internet. The same applies to Belarus-Russia unified visa regime that we expected (with no luck) to start working this year.

Obviously, BelarusFeed readers are extremely law-abiding, thus 9 strange laws in Belarus that will make you laugh and cry got in the top too. History of Belarus in five minutes? Looks like you were impressed too, aren’t you? The 30 days visa-free regime did its job and 31 ideas on how to spend your long Belarusian vacation came in very handy.

We recalled the worst nuclear accident in history, dived into Belarusian Christmas traditions and tried to understand how to spell Belarusian, Belorussian Or Belarussian right. And even learned seductive phrases to pretend locals. And finally got in top 10 destinations for 2019 by Lonely Planet.