This Belarus’ City Is Among World’s Top 5 Snowiest Locations

Belarus’ Slavgorod is among the snowiest cities in the world in the last 24 hours, according to Russia’s Hydrometeorological Research Center.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Slavgorod in Mogilev Oblast where 15mm of snow fell on 5 February took 5th place in the ranking of the most snowy cities in the world.

The latest data from Hydrometcenter show that the top four cities are located in the European Russia.

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Among them are Pavlovsky Posad with 21mm of snow, Kostroma – 20mm, Nikolsk – 17mm, and Spas-Demensk – 16mm.

The data of Belarusian hydrometcenter on Slavgorod coincide with the information provided by Russian colleagues.

However, the local weather forecasters specify that 15mm of snow also fell in Mstislavl and Zhlobin.

Meanwhile, the record holders for the amount of precipitation on the last Sunday were Mozyr and Gomel where 18mm of snow fell.

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The top three coldest cities on 5 February are Russia’s Verkhoyansk with -50.5° C, Verkhnevilyuisk -49° C, and Kyusyur -48.9° C.

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Source: TASS.RU