9 World Rankings Where Belarus Ranks Best And Worst

Belarus has been recently included in a number of world rankings that show our country from different sides. To present a full picture of the day BelarusFeed collected all of them in one list.

No fun in alcohol

The Belarusians are gradually losing one of their most infamous features.

They’ve stopped drinking. Cheers to that!

Vodka and the average used to be the closest of friends, but in recent years they’ve gone different ways.

In the latest WHO report Belarus took 27th place in terms of alcohol consumption per capita.

This change of habits couldn’t but affect the number of deaths caused by alcohol consumption and alcohol related diseases.


The Belarusians are neither sad nor happy, we are just fine.

At least, this is what the authors of the Global Emotions 2018 study say.

They accessed the emotional states of 154,000 people people from 145 countries by asking them about their lives, work and feelings.

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As a result, the survey found out that the Belarusians are among the least emotional nations in the world.

Well, and we don’t even know what we should feel about that fact.

Best for kids

Belarus is the one of the best places in the world to grow up as a kid, according to Save the Children study.

In the list of 175 countries Belarus took the 35th position in the world childhood index-2017.

Our neighbours Lithuania, Poland and Latvia have better indicators. Lithuania and Poland are on 25th place, Latvia – on 31st.

However, Russia took 37th place, while Ukraine – 43rd.

At the very bottom

In the Human Development Index (HDI)Belarus is ranked 53rd among 189 countries.

Belarus holds the lowest position among its neighbours. The average life expectancy in Belarus is 73.1 years.

As to the average duration of education, it is 12.3 years, and per capita GNI is over $16,000.

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Meanwhile, Russia holds 49th position, Ukraine ranks 88th, Poland 33rd, Lithuania 35th, and Latvia 41st.

For comparison, the life expectancy in top-ranked Norway is over 82 years, its per capita GNI is over $68,000.

World’s strongest army

Belarus’s Armed Forces keep strengthening its position in the ranking of countries with the strongest armies.

This year the Belarusian Army was ranked 41st out of 136 nations by Global Firepower analytics company.

The country left behind many CIS countries, including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

Modern slaves

Around 103,000 people or 1% of the Belarus’s population live in modern slavery.

Among 167 countries Belarus occupies 20th position in the modern slavery anti-ranking compiled by Walk Free Foundation.

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In comparison with previous years, the number of people in “modern slavery” in Belarus has more than doubled.

Best to live and retire

Belarus made it to the list of the 50 cheapest countries to which Americans could move to, live in and retire.

The authors of GOBankingRates named Belarus as one of the most budget friendly destinations to relocate.

They calculated monthly estimated expenses and rent and resumed that a single person can live comfortably on under $1,000 a month here.

LGBT are not welcome

Belarus is one of the worst places in Europe to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex, according to its laws.

The country holds 42nd position out of 49 European countries in the Rainbow Europe homophobia ranking.

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Worse than in Belarus the situation only is in Moldova, San Marino, Russia, Monaco, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Best country to live in

Belarus took the 72nd place in the 2018 Best Countries Report.

The U.S. News & World Report ranking evaluated 80 countries accessing economic influence and power to citizenship and quality of life.

Belarus’s neighbours have a higher postion. Russia is on the 26th place, Poland – on the 32nd, Latvia – on the 59th, Ukraine –on the 69th.

Lithuania didn’t make to  the list of the best countries in 2018.