PHOTOS: Women With White-Red-White Umbrellas March Through Minsk Streets

2021 is no different for Belarusians who keep fighting for freedom and justice. On the 151st day after the presidential election, bold and beautiful women marched through Minsk streets with white-red-white umbrellas. This is their first protest action this year. They keep protesting despite threats, fines, arrests and even killings.

The authorities in Belarus keep insisting that anti-government protests are fading. Meanwhile, it is five months after Alexander Lukashenko claimed victory in what the country’s opposition, the EU and the U.S. have called a fraudulent election.

On Wednesday, 6 January, a group of women with white-red-white umbrellas representing the protest movement took to the streets of Minsk. They marched through the city demanding the resignation of Lukashenko, a new and fair election, the release of all political prisoners and hold accountable those responsible for violence against civilians.

Source: TUT.BY