Belarusian Developer Becomes Software Engineer Of 2019 In UK

Minsk is renowned as being a talent capital for software development expertise. Yuliya Maksimchyk, a Brest-born IT specialist, is the best proof of that. She was added to the list of ten finalists of the prestigious Women in IT Excellence Awards, dev.by reports.

The award was created by the UK’s leading business tech publication Computing for IT leaders to celebrate and promote the female talent in the IT industry worldwide.

Yuliya, who works as a JS developer in the Brest office of a British software developing company Godel Technologies, was also recognized as a Software Engineer of the Year.

Godel Technologies has a head office in Manchester with offices in Belarus, one of its subsidiaries operates in the Belarusian government’s High Tech Park.

The 26-year-old admits that she knew nothing about the competition before the UK office contacted her saying she was recommended for the award. After that, Yuliya agreed to take part in a contest “almost without hesitation.”

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She wrote a letter to the committee telling about her work, team, nuances and difficulties she faced during her work in IT sphere. Besides, she was asked to give recommendations to women thinking about starting their career in IT.

“I wrote that the main important thing is to keep trying. We should not be afraid of mistakes and take the first step, even though it is always the hardest. When asked if I had any difficulties as a woman working in IT, I answered negatively, I am lucky in this regard,” she said.

She also clarified that the jury of the award is the magazine’s experts and past winners. They read letters and make a shortlist, to evaluate the nominees, the jury members seek advice from both companies and customers.