Meet Belarusian Man Who Doesn’t Wear Outdoor Clothes In Freezing -20°C

Meet the Belarusian man who, unlike most of us, doesn’t need outerwear to stay warm when it’s freezing -20°C outside. 

Can you believe that this winter Sergei Mileev wore nothing but his shirt and jeans?

Well, it’s absolutely true. When it’s -10°C Sergei wears a shirt, when it’s -15°C he puts on his buttoned-up jacketand a light sweater when it hits -20°C.

He is so adapted to cold weather, he doesn’t remember when it was the last time he donned his coat, scarf and gloves.

It took Sergei six years to change his threshold of sensitivity to cold.

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“There are two versions of how it all started. The first is when I was a student, I had a very small scholarship.

I did not want to ask for money from my parents, so I decided to save some money.

One of the ways was to stop spending money on buying warm clothes, as they are quite expensive.

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The second (and more truthful one) is that at some point I realized that I like the sensation of coolness.

When I just started wearing light clothes my parents were horrified.

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Mother always repeated: ‘You will freeze!'” Sergei said.

For quite a long time the man had conflicts with his parents but then they gave up.

Sergei, who hates hot weather with all his heart, explains that it is just a matter of habit.

“Over time you become accustomed to the cold, you don’t feel it so much. This can be compared to eating spicy food.

First when you eat something very spicy it burns a lot. Then receptors perceive the taste differently.

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With cold it works the same way. The thermal threshold gradually lowers and comes to the point when you don’t feel cold.”

When asked how the passers-by react when they see him without outerwear, Sergei says that most of them look at him as if he is crazy.

But this doesn’t bother him much, for the last six years Sergei has never been seriously ill and forgot when he visited a doctor.

Source: TUT.BY