Belarus Was Mentioned In a New “Supernatural” Episode And Here is Why It’s Not COOL

In Supernatural Season 12 Episode 8 Lucifer is taking President of the United States as his latest vessel. While we leave the appreciation of this new plotline to the fans, we can not remain silent about the scene where Lucifer-President is discussing Belarus with his aids.

Because it’s terribly wrong. And awkward.

In the latest episode Lucifer’s taken up residence in a bizarre, wall-to-wall windowed house, which is revealed to be the Forester Estate, a presidential compound in the belly of the midwest.

In the morning he is meeting his team to discuss the latest agenda, and we hear Kelly, the assistant, say:

“While we’ve been away from D.C., negotiations between rebel forces and the Government have broken down. We’re recalling ambassador.”

And then she goes on asking President:

“Is it time to involve UN?”

So we want to ask the scriptwriters: what rebel forces are you talking about? And the ambassador?

And do you know what Belarus is at all? Seems like they think it’s lost somewhere in Africa!

No offence, “Supernatural” is a great series but our feelings for Belarus have just been seriously hurt!