Belarus’ Visa-Free Regime Didn’t Affect Crime Rate Among Foreigners

The introduction of a visa-free regime for foreigners did not trigger an increase in crimes by tourists in Belarus.

Looks like only law-abiding foreigners come to Belarus.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs constantly monitors the migration flow, as well as the personal data of the foreign visitors.

Up to 200,000 people have already used the opportunity of visa-free entry to Belarus since it came into force.

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The latest info on the visa free regime post effects was made public by Alexei Begun, the head of the citizenship and migration department of the Interior Ministry.

“I can say that a certain liberalization didn’t lead to an increase in crime or delinquency on the part of this category of people. Sure, there are some violations.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs together with the stakeholders take preventive and institutional measures to minimize the risks,” Begun noted.

Belarus is also working with Russian colleagues to adress any concerns over tourists entering the Russian Federation through Belarus.

The representatives of the states are still discussing a possibility of launching a unified visa-free regime for foreigners.

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Recall that this July the duration of visa-free stay for foreignrs coming to Belarus via Minsk National Airport was extended from five to 30 days.

The decree amended the document adopted in January 2017 introducing the 5-day visa-free period.

Under the new document Argentina, Honduras, Hong Kong, Macau and the Order of Malta were removed from the list.

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Mind that it doesn’t include the countries with which Belarus concluded bilateral agreements on the mutual visa abolition.

Besides 30 days visa-free regime via Minsk National Airport, travellers may also use 1o days free regime in Grodno and Brest.

However, they should bear in mind that these territories have their own rules of entry and leaving the country.

Source: ont.by