Belarus To Waive Visas For Fans 10 Days Before And After European Games In 2019

Belarus is to waive visas for fans ten days before the launch of the 2nd European Games in Minsk in 2019.

For fans only.

The visa-free regime is to be applied during the 2nd European Games.

It will be similar to the one active in Belarus during the 2014 IIHF World Championship.

Required docs

To enter the country without a visa fans will need to have a valid competition ticket, a valid document for entry and insurance.

“It is expected that such fans will be able to enter and remain in the country during the period that starts ten days before the games and ends ten days after the last competition.

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If they plan to come to Belarus via the Russian Federation, they will not need the Russian visa,” the ministry noted.

The information was made public by the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the Consular Day on its Facebook page.

The European Games Minsk 2019

Meanwhile, Belarus is busy preparing to make the fans stay in Belarus pleasurable and memorable.

Special corridors will appear at border checkpoints for participants and fans of the world-class event.

Special corridors will appear at border checkpoints for participants and fans of the world-class event.

Besides, traffic lanes will be set up on key routes during the 2nd European Games in Minsk.

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Such measures will be taken for athletes, judges, visitors and broadcasters to avoid traffic jams and make it to venues on time.

You will have a chance to surf the internet for free at sport facilities, hotels, and the student village on praspiekt Dziaržynskaha.

Besides, it is planned to improve 3G and 4G coverage along major streets and ensure cyber security of users.

The sport programs will be broadcasted in nine languages. Organizers, guests, and participants will go on air to share their stories.

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Belarusian policemen also prepare to welcome guests of the country, in the run-up to the Games they will take up English language courses.

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