Belarus In Your Pocket! 5 Useful Guides In English, French, German And Russian

Whether you are planning a visit to Belarus, looking for a useful souvenir or just want to know more about one of the most undiscovered countries in Europe – these travel guides may be your best option!

BelarusFeed looked for printed and electronic travel guides about Belarus available online and picked 5 books in English, French, German, Russian and Belarusian.

The guides offer local insights, budget tips, money saving advice, tips on places to stay, things to see and do, where to eat and many more!

1. Minsk. Belarus. Local Guide

100% authentic and independent Belarus travel guide.

It is the first complete travel guidebook with photos and illustrations in English to Minsk, written by a team of locals living in Belarus and abroad.

In a humorous and illustrative way from locals’ perspective the handy guide shows who the Belarusians are, speaks about stereotypes and modern day life.

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All the information you will find there – is a collection of local advice without any commercial or sales bribes.

You may also find interesting “Heta Belarus Dzietka!” book that offers a funny yet reflective and revealing look at the Belarusians, their customs and mentality.

Language: English

Where to buy: Amazon, hifivebelarus

Price: £13.29

2. Biélorussie 

A three-hour flight from Paris – and you will be in the country which is much more European than you thought!

Discarding dictatorship and Chernobyl stereotypes, Federica Visani shows the beauty of a “blue-eyed country”, while admiring the country’s unique nature untouched by a mankind.

Amused by local traditions, atmosphere of small towns and vibrant big cities, as well as hospitable people living there, the author wants you to see Belarus through her eyes.

Language: French

Where to buy: petitfute.com, 2 other editions are available on Amazon

Price:  €15,15

3. Weissrussland

Belarus, although only a few hours drive from Berlin, is seen as one of the countries that could just as well be on the moon.

The pocket travel guide will give you a glimpse of the country that is portrayed by the mass media as a Russian colony, a state of evil or even a Stalinist dictatorship.

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Be ready to get rid of prejudices and explore wild forests, crystal ivers, rich wildlife, romantic villages with a fairy tale like houses and vibrant modern cities.

You will also see enchanted castles, picturesque manors, magnificent Baroque monasteries and simple wooden churches.

Language: German

Where to buy: Amazon

Price:  €21,95

4. Minsk: A Guide to the City of the Sun

A psycho-geographical description of one of the most ambitious city projects of Stalin’s epoch.

The book is written and illustrated by Belarusian author, artist, and architect Artur Klinov.

The text alternates between autobiographical narrative, essays on the architectural history of Minsk, and a cultural analysis of the “great” Soviet Utopia.

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Originally written in Belarusian in 2005, it was later translated into German, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian and Russian.

Language: Russian

Where to buy: oz.bybookmate

Price: BYN18,54 (~$2)

5. Belarus (Bradt Travel Guide)

Belarus is described as a much misunderstood country that is gradually opening up more to the rest of the world.

This new edition remains the only dedicated English-language guide to Belarus and will be of particular interest to the growing number of visitors from the USA interested in tracing the history of their Jewish families.

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The promotion of tourism to Belarus was growing rapidly when the first edition was published in June 2008, and the rate of growth has continued to the present day.

Lawyer-turned-author and charity worker Nigel Roberts is one of the leading experts on Belarus.

Language: English

Where to buy: Amazon