This Erotic Game Will Become Historical And Cultural Heritage Of Belarus

A game played by young people in the village of Guta, Vitebsk oblast, will be included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Belarus.

Would you like to play?

The traditional summer game is an ancient summer ritual of the Eastern Slavs.

It can relate to a ritual marriage with a totem creature, which is a part of the female initiation.

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The main character of the game is a guy who sits in the centre, while girls sing and do a circle dance around him.

The man pretends to be a yashchur (an ancient lizard) who holds a wreath – a symbol of a maiden’s innocence and purity.

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The girls had to get it from the guy by any possible means. They shouldn’t laugh when he joked, had to kiss him when asked, dance or sing songs.

“The yashchur sits in a nut bush, cracks the nuts and chooses the girls.”

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This is particularly of this phrase some ethnographers consider the game to be erotic.

A party in the village of Guta, authentic music, dances and rites are a specific feature of the region.

Tourists who want to know more about life of ancient Belarusians would be glad to know that they are always welcome to come to the village and take part in the game.

Source: BelTA