Belarus In Top 3 Buyers Of Russian Gas In H1 2019

Belarus was in Top 3 buyers of Russian gas in the first half of 2019, a report by Russia’s Gazprom reveals.

Belarus follows Germany and Italy.

In particular, in January-June 2019 Belarus got 10.138 billion cubic meters of gas from Russia, according to the Gazpromā€™s report.

Gazprom pumped 17.497 billion cubic meters to the countries of the former USSR; and 96, 427 billion cubic meters of gas to Western and Eastern Europe.

Gas exports have reduced. In the post-Soviet space, it was Kazakhstan to noticeably reduce the purchase of Russian gas; in Europe Germany, Turkey, Poland, and the United Kingdom are doing with smaller volumes this year.

NPP coming

Belarus is preparing to launch its first nuclear power plant, sponsored by Russia, in autumn 2019. The construction has sparked active criticism from neighboring Lithuania who refused to buy the energy from the plant.

Other Baltic states have neither confirmed nor denied their intention to buy electricity from Belarusian nuclear power plant.