Two Top Ranking Officials Detained On Corruption Charges

On Monday, 29 April, law enforcement agencies detained Andrei Vtyurin, the Deputy State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus and the former head of the security service of Alexander Lukashenko. In another development, Sergey Sivodedov, CEO of the national telecommunications company *Beltelecom was also detained.

A criminal case was opened against Andrei Vtyurin, his cottage in Drozdy (Minsk micro district where many top state officials live) is sealed. He was reportedly charged with bribery.

According to TUT.BY anonymous sources,  Sergey Sivodedov was detained on corruption charges too. The press service of the KGB declined to comment on the detention of Vtyurin or Sicodedov.

Andrei Vtuyrin; Photo: vsr.mil.by

Interestingly, over the last month, Vtuyrin is the second person from the inner circle of the president who fell from grace.

Earlier, a criminal case was opened against Andrei Astashevich, the first vice-president of the National Olympic Committee, who had played hockey in the president’s team for many years.

Shortly afterward, Astashevich’s place in the NOC was taken by Viktor Lukashenko.

It is curious that both Vtyurin and Astashevich were members of the committee for the preparation of the European Games in Minsk.

Sergey Sivodedov; Photo: Beltelecom

“Their affairs are not related to each other,” said the unnamed source.

*Beltelecom is the national telecommunications company in Belarus, fully owned by the Government of Belarus and operated by the Ministry of Telecommunications.

It is the sole provider of fixed telephony in Belarus. It provides long-distance and international calls, broadband access to the Internet via ADSL, and Wi-Fi services.