Svetlana Tikhanovskaya Announces People’s Ultimatum, Gives Lukashenko 13 Days

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya announced a “people’s ultimatum” in her telegram channel and called on the authorities to fulfill three demands.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya people ultimatum demands

Photo: Tsihanouskaya / Twitter

Two months of political crisis, violence and lawlessness in Belarus. Enough is enough. We’re announcing the People’s Ultimatum on October 25th.  We demand that:

  1. Lukashenko must go.
  2. Violence has to stop.
  3. Political prisoners must be released.

Regular weekends in Belarus ended two months ago. We all voted for changes on the 9th of August and have been peacefully protesting ever since they stole our votes. In response, the authorities shot us, beat us, and lied to us.

As a Belarusian “policeman” is beating up a demonstrator, you could hear him bellow: “How do you like these changes! Take that!”. That means: intimidating us, beating not only men, but women, children, elderly people. This is a state terror. Everyone involved is an accomplice.

Belarusian authorities and Lukashenko personally have 13 days to fulfill these conditions. Meanwhile we will proceed with peaceful protests. Unless they deliver, Belarusians will start a national strike on October 26th.