Now It’s Official, Belarus Temporarily Closes Border For Foreign Visitors

According to the website of the State Border Committee, the border restrictions are in force by the resolution of the Council of Ministers. An exception was not made for Russian citizens, except for those who travel through Belarus in transit. However, foreign visitors will be allowed to enter the country through the airport.

“On 1 November, Belarus temporarily banned entry of foreign nationals and stateless persons at road checkpoints, simplified border checkpoints, railway station checkpoints, river ports in order to prevent the spread of the infection,” the State Border Committee reports.

The restrictions do not apply to:

  • foreign nationals with diplomatic and service passports;
  • heads and members of official delegations;
  • foreigners providing international gratuitous assistance to Belarus;
  • drivers performing international road and international mail transportation;
  • crews of inland water transport vessels, train crews, locomotive crews of international railway service,
  • foreigners who are spouses, parents or children of Belarusian citizens;
  • foreigners who have the right to permanent or temporary residence in Belarus;
  • foreigners who have work permits or proof of employment documents in Belarus;
  • foreigners who travel to Belarus due to a serious illness, or death of a close relative;
  • foreign nationals transporting stem cells, organs for transplantation;
  • Russian citizens transiting through Belarus to Russia;
  • foreigners transiting through Belarus in accordance with the Belarus-Ukraine interstate government agreement on simplified crossing of the border section Slavutich-Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which goes through the territory of Belarus, to workers, vehicles and cargoes of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and enterprises that work in the exclusion zone, and foreign specialists involved in the international Chernobyl NPP projects.

Mind that those arriving in Belarus through Minsk National Airport are exempt from the restrictions.

Citizens of Belarus, foreigners who are spouses, parents or children of Belarusian citizens, and also foreign nationals who have the right to permanent or temporary residence in Belarus, should self-isolate for 10 calendar days from the day of arrival from foreign countries included in the Healthcare Ministry’s list of COVID-19 high-risk countries [it includes 138 countries as of 2 November; please use google translate to check whether the country you are coming from is on the list – Ed.]. They will not be allowed to cross the border until the 10-day deadline expires.