Teddy Bears Forgotten. “Ice Age” Between Belarus And Sweden Is Officially Over

Good news are coming from Dmitry Mironchik, the ambassador of Belarus to Sweden. The “Ice Age” in Belarus-Sweden relations is officially over!

Turning the page on a six-year-old diplomatic spat!


Dmitry Mironchik, the ambassador of Belarus to Sweden

The newly appointed ambassador, who took up the post on Tuesday, 22 May, commented on the latest developments between two countries.

“There has been no ambassador of Belarus in Stockholm for nearly six years.

Now we have an opportunity to say that the ‘Ice Age’ in Belarus-Sweden relations is officially over.

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The interstate dialogue has been completely restored. We discuss all matters, including those we cannot agree on.

Our relations in environmental affairs, humanitarian affairs, and other non-political spheres have passed the test, too,” he said.

According to Mironchik, the parties managed to get relationship back on track even in those spheres where positions don’t coincide.

He also noted that the coolness in relations mostly affected economic ties of Belarus and Sweden.

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“It is what I am going to focus and work on. The bilateral trade has dropped considerably in comparison with 2012.

Now Belarusian citizens and companies have someone to contact for advice and support in Sweden. We are going to do everything to help them. 

It is the economy that the president has instructed the embassy to channel efforts into first and foremost,” noted the diplomat.

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Recall that ties were cut in 2012 when a Swedish public relations firm dropped hundreds of teddy bears bearing messages about human rights over Belarus.

Reacting to the stunt Minsk withdrew its envoy to Sweden and expelled Sweden’s ambassador.

Six years after Belarus re-opened its embassy in Stockholm, giving hope for mending of strained relationship.

Source: TUT.BY