Expulsions And Draft Cards. What’s Happening In Belarusian Universities

Rumors have been circulating on the Telegram channels about the massive expulsion of students for a few days now. Looks like after Alexander Lukashenko said: “Whoever takes part in an unauthorized rally in violation of the law, they lose the right to be students. Send them, as I said, to the army or to the street – let them walk the streets. But they must be expelled from the university,” the situation in the universities has deteriorated.

BSUIR: mystical order on expulsion of 65 students

On Wednesday, 28 October, the Mirny BGUIR telegram channel published a message about the orders for expulsion being prepared. The list allegedly included 65 people against whom police previously drew up arrest reports.

Of these, according to rumors, 31 students studied at the faculty, whose dean left the university of her own free will. So far, information about BSUIR students expulsion has yet to be confirmed.

BNTU: first they intimidated us, then expelled

The early reports about expulsions in BNTU emerged on 28 October. TUT.BY talked to two sophomore students of the Department of Instrument Design. They said that their parents were told in the dean’s office that since 27 October they were not students anymore.

As it turned out that there was an order, it had not been signed yet. On 29 October, other students on the list were summoned one by one to the rector to acquaint themselves with with the order for expulsion. It is known that this list contains more than 50 names from 10 faculties.

The order is not shown to students, only extracts from it. Guys are immediately given draft cards.

BSUCA: learned about expulsion after passes stopped working

The expelled students said that everything started on 26 October. They had a strike planned for 10 am, the second class starts at 9.35 am, so they planned to get up and leave the room. The teacher let the students go, says Marina Karpovich, one of the expelled students.

“When we had a protest action at the university, the rector [Natalya Karchevskaya] approached us. University security guards came too, there were three of them, and one person filming us. One student asked why we were being filmed, but they did not give a clear answer to this or other questions,” says Marina.

On 29 October, the watchmen were given photos of the students they should not let inside the university. According to the students, there are 17 people on the list. However, there is no official information on expulsions yet. Earlier, BSUCA student Pavel Sokolov was expelled for taking part in a student protest action.

MSLU: no expulsions so far

MSLU students do not know about the facts of expulsion from the university. However, they tell that administration regularly have conversations on the matter. According to one of the students, Natalya Lapteva, the former dean of the Faculty of the German language and the current rector of the Minsk State Linguistic University, had conversation with him.

Lukashenko Appoints New Rectors Of MSLU, BSUKI And BrSTU To Restore Order

“They called my mother and said that if I didn’t calm down, I would be expelled.I was allegedly spotted in the video while students were walking around the university urging others to join the strike. When I asked if they would show it to me, they said that they wouldn’t. Actually, I was detained on 20 September after the Sunday march, and was released two days later, but I keep taking part in the actions.”

A student of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting confirmed that “administration gently hints that students may be expelled for violations of the orders of the rector’s office.”

BSAA: three expulsions, two reprimands

So far, it is known about the expulsion of three students: Serafim Ganichev (3rd year), Alexander Danilkin (5th year) and Karina Chakur (5th year).

BSMU: Riot police in the university, ~20 expelled

On 29 October, there were many reports about the expulsion of the BSMU students. Students said that about 20-30 people were expelled.

At about 5 pm, students began to gather at the rector’s office to clarify the situation and support the expelled. Two and a half hours later security forces arrived to disperse the crowd outside.

BrSTU: nine students on the expulsion list

Nine students of the Brest State Technical University were included in the expulsion list. All of them took part in a solidarity action on 26 October. The reason is “repeated violation of the terms of contracts for the training of specialists with higher education, violation of the internal regulations for students of BrSTU”.

BSUPE: targeted expulsions

4th year student Olga Belomutova found out that she was being expelled on 29 October.

“I was not alloed to take a photo of the order or even rewrite its registration number, but I requested a copy of it. Within 15 days, the document must be provided by law. I was expelled literally in a day. I was an excellent student and missed the same number of classes as others. “

On Tuesday, 27 October, Olga was reprimanded for absenteeism. She was not allowed to take a photo of that document too. On Wednesday they registered a second violation.

“According to the dean, I was expelled for participating in an unauthorized action on the territory of the university. […] I was expelled with a wording similar to ‘systematic violation of internal rules.’ As far as I know, there are two people expelled,” says Olga.

Source: TUT.BY