Belarus Has Its Own Stonehendge Twice As Old As Its ‘Brother’ In UK

Did you know that Belarus has its own Stonehendge that is considered to be twice as old as his “brother” in Great Britain?!

No, we’re not kidding!


If you are in doubts, feel free to visit the shores of Lake Yanovo in village of Bikulnichy in Polotsk to see an ancient observatory with your own eyes.

Belarusian scientists discovered the mysterious stone construction 25 years ago. They believe it was erected about 10 thousand years BC.


The peculiar arrangement, pyramidal shape and red colour of the stones suggest that the site turns into a “battery” of natural forces in the midsummer night.

Local historians say that Lake Yanovo as wells other lakes and rivers nearby played an important role in ancient Slavic customs and ceremonies.

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When looking at the map of the lakes, one can see that all of them are connected by a single waterway.


And the attentive onlooker will notice that their shape and names represent the respective zodiac constellations.

Location of stones is also very unusual, each has a shape similar to a pyramid and man-made notches on surface.

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Those who have been to the place say that it gives you a feeling of extraordinary harmony and peace, inexplicable connection of times and ancestors wisdom.


Some even compare it to an ancient Hyperborea – lost paradise on Earth, the ancestral home of humanity and the cradle of Slavic people.

Apparently, we have yet to discover the meaning of the symbols and signs that the ancestors left to us.