Schengen Visa Price Freeze Not Possible, EU Responds To MFA

Despite the Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s request to freeze a Schengen visa price, Belarusians will have to pay €80 for a right to travel to the Schengen area states.

“Taking into account time limits and procedural requirements, it is impossible to cancel (freeze) the increase of the Schengen visa fee from February 2, 2020 for citizens of Belarus,” the EU Delegation in Belarus told TUT.BY

Recall that starting 2 February 2020 the revised EU visa code will come in force, which, among other changes, will increase the visa fee to €80 worldwide, including in Belarus.

Steps Belarus And EU Have Left To Take For €35 Schengen Visas

For Belarus, the increase would be temporary only until the visa facilitation agreement signed between th EU and Belarus enters into force. The Schengen visa fee would then automatically decrease from €80 to €35 for all Belarusian citizens.

The agreements also envisage the mutual simplification of visa procedures and cooperation in the field of readmission. The agreements should be ratified by the National Assembly of Belarus and approved by the European Parliament.

Both agreements will enter into force on the same day, presumably on 1 June.