Belarus Among The Safest Countries To Encounter Terrorist Attack In 2019

Belarus is one of the safest countries to encounter a terrorist attack, according to the 2019 Global Terrorism Index (GTI).

The GTI ranks 163 countries according to the impact of terrorism, based on factors such as the number of attacks, fatalities, injuries and the extent of property damage.

Safe havens and terrorist lairs

Belarus holds 138th position at the safer end of the list. Our country shares its place with Portugal, Slovenia, Mongolia, Romania, Togo, Oman, Cuba, North Korea, Singapore and 17 other states.

Screenshot: visionofhumanity.org

Of the neighbouring states, Ukraine was ranked the highest (24th) among the countries to most likely encounter a terrorist attack. At the same time, it has had marked improvement with deaths down by 98% since 2014.

Russia also improved its position, it took 37th spot with the number of attacks declining by a third and fatalities falling by 51% in 2018. Poland ranks 106th, Lithuania 108th, and Latvia 117th.

How Safe Is Belarus For A Foreigner To Visit?

Last year, Afghanistan suffered the highest death toll from terrorism with 7,379 people killed. It is followed by Iraq, Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, India, Yemen, the Philippines and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Global terrorist trends

Deaths from terrorism fell for the fourth consecutive year after peaking in 2014, when 32,685 people lost their lives. In 2018, 15,952 people lost their lives in terrorist attacks.

Although the intensity of terrorism has declined, unfortunately, the number of countries affected by terrorist incidents is growing, with 71 countries suffering from at least one death.

This is the second-highest number since the beginning of the century. The research also highlighted the global financial impact of terrorism and it has also declined for the fourth year in succession.

In 2018, terrorism’s impact amounted to $33 billion, a 38% decline on the previous year. It reached its peak in 2014 when it cost the global economy a whopping $111 billion.