Belarus Surpasses Russia And Ukraine In 2019 Quality Of Life Index

The quality of life in Belarus is better than in Russia and Ukraine, the latest Numbeo Quality of Life Index for Country 2019 reads.

While beating its neighbours in the east and south, Belarus is traditionally lagging behind Latvia, Lithuania and Poland that are members of the European Union (EU).

Out of 71 countries estimated by online database Belarus took the 37th place. For comparison, Lithuania holds 29th position, Latvia ranked 34th with Poland going right after it.

belarus russia ukraine quality of life

At the same time, Russia and Ukraine are significantly behind Belarus. The former took the 59th place, and the latter — the 62nd.

As to the leaders of the ranking, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Australia and Austria are in the top five. Germany, New Zealand and Norway rounds up the top ten.

According to the data for February 2019, life quality leaves much to be desired in Philippines, Vietnam, Kazakhastan, Iran and Egypt.

The index estimates takes into account purchasing power, pollution, house price to income ratio, cost of living index, safety, health care, traffic commute time and climate.

In total, the database includes over 1.3 million individual pieces of data, used to produce a detailed index of 226 cities around the world.

Various ranking produce different estimates, the latest Best Countries Report ranked Belarus 73rd best country in the world (out of 80), at the same time Minsk outranked Barcelona, Milan, London and Paris, in Numbeo’s quality of life index.