Belarus Is Russia? New Netflix Movie Makes Annoying Blunder

A 2019 neo-noir action Netflix movie Polar has made Belarus a part of Russia, as well as making a couple of other blunders, TJournal reports

Moscow and Minsk both start with M, right?

As is known, a city in English is usually separated from a state or country by a comma. For instance, ‘She lives in Paris, France’ or ‘He is from Phoenix, Arizona’.

This is exactly what happened in a movie where Belarus somehow got attached to Russia. Russian translators fixed the mistake, sadly, the original version remained untouched.

The blooper was first spotted by Robert Brock who took to social media to express his surprise and discontent.

He also pointed out other inaccuracies, such as one of the locations was ‘the USSR, 2017’, while GPS showed the character is actually in Manhattan, NY, which is pretty far away from Belarus.

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Another blunder popped up where it was not expected.

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This is not the first and not the second time Belarus is attached to its eastern neighbor. A couple of years ago the British tabloid Daily Mail misquoted Belarusian president and made Belarus a Russia’s ally in a war operation in Syria. A list of the most unexpected and odd media blunders can be found here.