How To Cross Belarus-Russia Border, In One Picture

The Belarus-Russia border is tricky for a foreigner. It is present on the map, but in life, it isn’t a conventional state border.

What visa is needed to travel between Belarus and Russia? What transport can foreign traveler use? Does the visa-free rule apply for this border?

These are some of the typical questions that regularly appear on travel forums.

BelarusFeed has dived into the official rules of the border committees of the two countries to explain the crossing of the Belarus-Russia border once and for all.

❗ The only way for a third-country person to travel between Belarus and Russia directly is by air and with two visas.

belarus-russia border crossing rules

Belarus and Russia are still resolving the international border checkpoints issue. Besides, mutual visa recognition is pending.

When signed, the document is expected to resolve the need for two visas and add the possibility to use other transport besides air.

Until this happens, we may suggest traveling around Belarus with 30 visa-free days. See its major cities like Minsk, Brest, Grodno or Gomel, visit museums or opt for some uncommon tourist experiences.

Infographic by Anton Devyatov.