Belarus Is To Waive Road Access Fee For Foreign Vehicles

Belarus plans to cancel fee for allowing foreign vehicles travel along public motorways as from 2019.

No tolls?

road fee


The decision has been prompted by the small revenues generated by the road access fee.

Belarus gathered about BYN 9 million, which is about $4.5 million so far this year.

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The news were made public by Belarusian Deputy Tax and Duties Minister Ella Selitskaya.

“I don’t think the decision will entail negative consequences.

Contrariwise, considering we are a transit country, we can expect an increase in money flow into the country,” said the official.

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The move comes in line with the bill on amending the Tax Code.

At the moment, companies and individuals, who own or use foreign automobiles, must pay the road access fee to travel along public roads in Belarus.

Source: BelTA