“They Will Shoot Us Now.” Another Video From Riot Police Cams Leaked

By_Pol, a telegram channel of former investigators and law enforcers, published one more video from riot police body cameras. The videos were recorded during the March of Partisans, which took place in Minsk on 18 October.

The first video was filmed in a bus with security forces inside. It drives up to the tail of the procession of protesters, and at this moment people turn around and walk towards it.

The door of the minibus opens, and a law enforcemnet officer points a weapon at the approaching people. The sounds of gunfire and realoading are heard.

“Let’s go, turn around, leave. Guys, we are leaving, extreme cars, we are leaving,” one can hear a voice behind the scenes.

The car drives off, but people follow. The law eforcers are panicking.

“Prepare grenades, grenades, grenades…”

“Guys, stones, stones.” [the sound of some objects being thrown into the bus is heard].

The door opens again and a law enforcement officer point his weapon at the demonstrators.

“Not at a person,” someone says off-screen.

Then an order “Guys, we are taking off”  is heard, which is immediately followed by a “Let’s go to …, b …”comment.

The bus drives away from the demonstrators again. Someone gives an order to turn around and take up battle positions in the opposite direction.

“Nikolaich [someone’s patronymic name – Ed.], they’ll shoot us,” is heard in response.

“Partizansky, 77, come help us. Come help us, Partizansky, 77,” a man [probably Nikolaich – Ed.] is shouting into a walkie-talkie.

“Abort, no need, avoid the crowd, turn around,” says a voice one the other end of the line.

The second video piece was also filmed in Partizansky Avenue. It shows security forces running out of minibuses with weapons. One of them, standing in the middle of the roadway, shoots towards the pedestrian zone.

The third footage is probably filmed in the same location, but from a different angle – armed security forces are seen rushing along the road.

Recently By_Pol [short for Belarusian Police – Ed.] telegramm channel published a video showing several episodes: detainees being beaten in a paddy wagon, dispersal, chase and arrest of protesters.

Source: TUT.BY