Belarus Significantly Reduces Quota For Refugees: Only 700 People

In 2020, only 700 people will be given refugee status in Belarus. The resolution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on distribution quotas was published on the National Legal Internet Portal.

For 2020, the Ministry of Internal Affairs set the following distribution quotas for registration of applications for refugee status, additional protection or asylum:

Brest region – 120 people, Vitebsk region – 150 people, Gomel region – 150 people, Grodno region – 90 people, Minsk region – 110 people, Mogilev region – 80 people.

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Only 700 people will be able to get refugee status in Belarus in 2020, this is 200 people less than last year. Recall that in 2019, 900 people could obtain refugee status, in 2018 – 800 people.

The greatest number of refugees Belarus was ready to accept in 2016 and 2015 – 1,200 people annually. In 2013 and 2014, quotas were far less – 220 people.

Source: TUT.BY