Belarusians Demand Quarantine. Lukashenko: “Okay, But What Will We Eat?”

Agriculture in Belarus should be given top priority, as the world faces an unprecedented famine threat due to coronavirus pandemic. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said this at the government meeting on 7 April.

“Oil is oil, but you can’t serve it as a meal. This is why I urge to finish the planting season as soon as possible and take the whole cycle of agricultural works throughout the year under strict control,” the head of state stressed.

“This is our number one priority and there is nothing more important than that. For, as people keep ranting about quarantine, curfew and so on. Listen, this is the easiest way, we will do it within 24 hours, but what will we eat?”

This is not the first time the president has explained his position on quarantine – its introduction will only divide the society, he believes.

Enterprises In Belarus Will Continue To Work Despite Coronavirus

“Tell me how to milk cows distantly or announce a day off there? This is unrealistic. Meanwhile, some will stay at home without work and get paid. Is it fair? We are dividing the society. We can’t do that,” Lukashenko said during his trip to the Smolevichi district.

Meanwhile, over 150 thousand people signed a petition demanding the authorities of Belarus to introduce quarantine due to an outbreak of coronavirus. Its authors believe that the country “completely ignores the disease and misinform its residents.”

“We urgently need to intoduce quarantine. We demand quarantine. We want to live!” the petition reads.

According to the Healthcare Ministry, 700 people have been infected since the first case of coronavirus was registered in Belarus. Out of these, 53 have already recovered, 634 people remain in hospitals, and 13 patients died.