10th Medal For Belarus As Lidiya Grafeyeva Wins Paralympics Bronze

Lidiya Grafeyeva captured bronze medal at the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang on Friday, March 16.

More medal glory for the Belarusian Paralympic atheletes!


Grafeyeva won women’s sitting race bringing the Belarus national team medal haul to a record 1o medals.

She covered the 12.5-kilometer course in a time of 50:57.0 coming third, with one penalty.

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Germany topped the podium with athlete Andrea Eskau who finished in a time of 49:41.2

The silver medal went to Oksana Masters of the United States who shot clean but her time was 50:00.0

Earlier this week Lidiya Grafeyeva won bronze in the women’s 6km sitting.

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Belarus is currently eights  in the medal count table with ten – three gold, four silver and 3 bronze – medals.


Meanwhile, the United States tops the table with 23 medals.

Pyeongchang athletes from 47 teams compete for 80 sets of medals in four sports – biathlon, skiing, curling, and ice hockey.

Sources: TUT.BY