LIVE: Belarusians Flood The Streets After Lukashenko’s ‘Secret’ Inauguration

After Alexander Lukashenko assumed his sixth term of office on Wednesday during an unannounced inauguration ceremony after over a month of mass protests against his re-election, disgruntled Belarusians flooded the streets of their cities. Again.

12.25 pm

Several dozen people have been detained at unauthorized protests in Minsk on Wednesday, Natalya Ganusevich, an official representative of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee, told Interfax-Zapad. They were taken to the DSoIAs for investigation.

Meanwhile, the deregistered human rights center Vesna has reported about 200 people detained during protests across the country, most of them were detained in Minsk. At the same time, about 15 of the detainees were marked as “released”.

12.13 pm

Minsk. There is a traffic jam between the Sportivnaya and Kuntsevshchina metro stations. Security forces are working there.

12.10 am

Minsk. Several traffic police cars were chasing a car with a broken windshield in Grushevka microdisrict.

11.55 pm

Minsk. The protesters blocked the road on Angarskaya street.

11.49 pm

Minsk. Before leaving the Pushkinskaya metro station, the security forces detained several people.

11.33 pm

Minsk. Detentions are reported near the Aurora cinema at the Pushkinskaya metro station.

11.39 pm

Minsk. At the Sportivnaya metro station, where the roads are blocked, the protesters let the ambulance pass. In response, the medic showed them the V sign.

11.38 pm

Minsk. Detentions continue at the Pushkinskaya metro station.

11.35 pm

Minsk. At the Sportivnaya metro station, protesters blocked the road.

11.25 pm

Minsk. Riot police and five paddy wagons arrived at Serebryanka microdistrict, two shots were heard. People scattered.

11.23 pm

Minsk. Law enforcement officers are cutting off ribbons near the bison sculture on Dzerzhinsky Avenue.


11.17 pm

Minsk. The security forces are removing the fences at Minsk Hero City Obelisk.

11.10 pm

Minsk. There is a traffic jam at the Sportivnaya metro station.

11.09 pm

Minsk. At the Pushkinskaya metro station, the security forces detained the driver of the blue minibus. Then law enforcement officers searched the bus and relocated it.

11.07 pm

Minsk. In Serebryanka microdistrict, 150 protesters with white-red-white flags are standing at the intersection of Plekhanov and Rokossovsky Avenue. About 20 people blocked traffic on the avenue in the direction of the Salut cinema.

Cars are honking. There is a path of candles on the sidewalk. People are whistling, clapping hands and chanting “We are power here!”.

11.05 pm

Minsk. The protesters at the Riga shopping center were dispersed and detained.

11.04 pm

Minsk. A procession of protesters have also formed in Sukharevo microdistrict. They are marching through the area with white-red-white flags.

11.04 pm

Minsk. Casings were found at the Pushkinskaya metro station.

11.01 pm

Minsk. The man was running away from the security forces, got into Yandex’s taxi car and drove away.

10.52 pm

Minsk. TUT.BY readers report that there are a lot of security forces on Dzerzhinsky Avenue near the bison sculture. They are watching cars, traffic is very slow. People are shouting at them “Shame!” from the windows.

10.51 pm

Minsk. Traffic is blocked near the Sportivnaya metro station towards the city center. There is a traffic jam from the Skala shopping center, an ambulance is trying to drive through it.

10.35 pm

According to the deregistered human rights center Vesna, over 100 people have already been detained at unauthorized protests on Wednesday. The list of the detainees is continually updated.

10.29 pm

Minsk. A water cannon is pouring water all over the cars on Pritytskogo street.

10.26 pm

An eyewitness gave the details of the incident on Kalvariyskaya street, where a man lying on the ground was spotted.

“I heard a shot, then the security forces dragged someone onto the road, put him down. They stood over him for about five minutes and seemed to be dragging him into a car. There was a lot of smoke from the shot.”

10.20 pm

Minsk. A shot was heard at the intersection of Kalvariuskaya and Gusovskogo streets, men in black got out of the cars and bent over the man lying on the ground.

10.18 pm

Minsk. Nemiga, protesters blocked traffic again. They are clapping hands and chanting: “We believe, we can, we will win!” and “Lukashenko is to the paddy wagon.” There are traffic jams in both directions along the street.

10.08 pm

Minsk. A procession of protesters with white-red-white flags is walking along the roadway in the Zavodskoy district.

10.08 pm

Minsk. The security forces are using a water cannon in Kamennaya Gorka microdistrict near the Green shopping center.

10.05 pm

Minsk. Traffic in the area of the Vostok metro station is at an absolute standstill. People got out of their cars, “Warriors of Light” by Lyapis Trubetskoy is heard playing.

10.03 pm

Minsk. The security forces sprayed pepper gas at the Pushkinskaya metro station.

9.55 pm

Brest. People dispersed 15 minutes ago. According to preliminary data of human rights activist Roman Kislyak, at least six people were detained tonight.

9.56 pm

Minsk. At the Pushkinskaya metro station, protesters pushed back riot police, TUT.BY readers report.

9.53 pm

Minsk. People blocked traffic on Nemiga street. When the traffic police car arrived, the protesters went to talk to them. The traffic police demanded to free the road, people shouted back “this is our city”. People in black appeared again, upon seeing them, some protesters fled.

9.50 pm

Minsk. People are moving from Masherov street to the Kaskad residential complex.

9.47 pm

The U.S. Department Of State: Even after the inauguration, the United States does not consider Lukashenko the legally elected president.

9.44 pm

Minsk. Several dozen people gathered on Nemiga again. They are chanting: “Long live Belarus!”. Cars are driving very slow, drivers are honking.

9.41 pm

Protesters are gathering in different neighbourhoods across Minsk: near Minsk-Arena, Kamennaya Gorka microdistrict and others.

9.37 pm

Minsk. The security forces arrived at Victory Square, the protesters scattered.

9.33 pm

Minsk. Traffic is completely blocked at Kalvariyskaya street towards the Pushkinskaya metro station. People got out of their cars.

9.31 pm

Minsk. TUT.BY readers report that at least one explosion was heard somewhere near the Pushkinskaya metro station. Riot police and a water cannon are heading there.

9.28 pm

Minsk. Electricity was cut off in several buildings located near Minsk Hero City Obelisk.

9.26 pm

Brest. About 50 people gathered on Sovetskaya street near the 1000th anniversary monument. People are chanting “Long live Belarus!” and clapping their hands.

9.26 pm

Minsk. Clashes are reported between the security forces and protesters at the Pushkinskaya metro station.

9.24 pm

A shot was heard on Nemiga street. After that, someone threw a bottle in plainclothesmen with truncheons. The security forces began to brutally detain people.

9.16 pm

Minsk. After a short lull, plainclothesmen returned to Nemiga street. They detained at least one man, one of the security forces was armed. People occupied the road, blocking the passage and are chanting: “Let him go.”

9.12 pm

Minsk. A Victory Monument is fenced off. There are several dozen protesters here, 12 cars with security forces are driving to the city center.

9.11 pm

Minsk. Not far from Minsk Hero City Stele, doctors are treating a protester with a head injuriy. According to the man, he was running away from the security forces and stumbled, after that, one of them hit him on the head with a truncheon.

9.08 pm

In Brest, people scattered to courtyards and neighbouring streets. A man riding a bicycle towards Sovetskaya street was just detained at an intersection. Riot police officers approached him and took him with a bicycle to the Brest DSoIA.

9.07 pm

In Vitebsk, protesters was surrounded on Victory Avenue. People joined hands together in front of the security forces. They pushed the people back into the courtyards, blinded them with a stroboscope. At least one person was detained.

9.06 pm

Minsk. Loud bangs are heard from the side of Timiryazev street. People have blocked traffic at Vostok microdistrict.

9.05 pm

Minsk. On Nemiga street, unidentified men in masks and balaclavas were spotted beating the honking cars with truncheons.

8.59 pm

Minsk. The security forces sprayed pepper gas on Pobediteley Avenue. Unidentified men in plain clothes and masks stopped cars at the Sports Palace.

8.54 pm

Minsk. A video of clashes between protesters and security forces near the Upper Town. At least three people were detained there.

8.52 pm

Minsk. A procession of about 1,000 people are marching along Orlovskaya street.

8.51 pm

Minsk. TUT.BY readers report that riot policemen are beating people near Riga shopping centre.

8.43 pm

Minsk. About a hundred protesters gathered in Serebryanka district.

8.43 pm

Minsk. TUT.BY readers report that a convoy of cars, paddy wagons and a water cannin headed from еhe second Minsk ring road towards the Pushkinskaya metro station.

8.42 pm

In Brest, the protesters turned on flashlights on their phones and marched along Sovetskaya and Mayakovskogo streets. Residents of the houses along the route hanged out white-red-white flags. The protesters marched down 17 September street, turned to Budyonnogo street and went back to Sovetskaya street.

8.41 pm

Minsk. Brutal detentions continue at the Pushkinskaya metro station.

8.33 pm

Minsk. The traffic police blocked traffic on Masherova street from Zaslavskaya street towards Minsk Hero City Obelisk.

8.33 pm

Minsk. The protesters who were dispersed near the Upper Town on Nemiga street returned and blocked traffic.

8.33 pm

In Vitebsk, the police detained several people. The demonstrators were pushed to a courtyard on Victory Avenue, they headed to Stroiteley Avenue.

8.32 pm

Minsk. There are about 50 people near the intersection at the Mikhalovo metro station.

8.31 pm

Minsk. A long human chain of solidarity has lined up near a bison sculpture in Malinovka district.

8.30 pm

Minsk. Soldiers with shields are surrounding and puttinh fences around Minsk Hero City Stele.

8.25 pm

Minsk. Traffic police and water cannons blocked the passage towards the Palace of Independence. Some of the security forces went to the Planeta Hotel, others moved to Masherov street.

8.22 pm

Brest. After the arrests on Bulvard Kosmonavtov, the protesters fled to courtyards and neighbouring streets. Now people have gathered again near the Belarus cinema. There are about 200 people there. People are clapping and chanting: “Long live Belarus!”.

8.14 pm

Minsk. TUT.BY readers report shots heard near the Minsk Hero City Obelisk.

8.11 pm

Minsk. The traffic was blocked at the Minsk Hero City Obelisk. The water cannons are working again.

8.05 pm

Interfax: About 50 people were detained in Minsk at the protest rallies against Alexander Lukashenko’s inauguration.

8.05 pm

Minsk. The atmosphere on Pobediteley Avenue near the Galleria Minsk shopping center.

8.02 pm

Minsk. People are gathering in smaller processions around the city, the one below is on Kiselev street.

8.02 pm

Minsk. Masherov Avenue was unblocked but the drivers blocked traffic and are honking. There is a big traffic jam.

8 pm

Minsk. Brutal detentions at the Galleria Minsk shopping centre. The video footage shows riot police officers beating a person lying on the ground.

7.57 pm

Detentions started in Vitebsk. A paddy wagon and a police bus drove up to Victory Avenue.

7.56 pm

Minsk. Two processions of supporters and opponents of Alexander Lukashenko met not far from Oktyabrskaya Square.

7.48 pm


Minsk. The violent dispersal and arbitrary detentions of the protesters on Pobediteley Avenue.

7.48 pm

Minsk. In Novaya Borovoya district, riot police dispersed the assembled residents.

7.47 pm

Minsk. A raid is reported at the Zaslavskaya street, locals are hiding protesters.

7. 46 pm

Minsk. A video footage of a brutal detention at the Pushkinskaya metro station.

7. 29 pm

Minsk. TUT.BY readers report that another convoy of water cannons, paddy wagons, and barbed wire drove towards Minsk Hero City Obeliskc from the second Minsk ring road along Pobediteley Avenue.

7.24 pm

The moment the security forces are dispersing the protesters near Minsk Hero City Obelisk.

7.21 pm

Minsk. People scattered in different directions from Minsk Hero City Stele, many stayed by the river across the street from the Planeta Hotel. A convoy of the security forces vehicles was slowly driving along Pobediteley Avenue, men in black are detaining random people and take them to paddy wagons. Having pushed the protesters back to Melnikayte street, the security forces boarded the buses.

7.14 pm

Brutal detentions are reported near Minsk Hero City Stele, water cannons are used.

7.09 pm

Minsk. Security forces cordonned off Minsk Hero City Obelisk. People are marching down to Pobediteley Avenue. Detentions started.