75-Year-Old Woman Tried For Photo With White-Red-White Marshmallow

For two days, the Zhodino city court has considered the case against 75-year-old Iraida Misko on the facts of her participation in unregistered mass events, Ex-Press.by reports. Six police reports were presented to the court.

Meet Iraida Misko, she is the candidate of agricultural sciences, who has been engaged in science at the Research Institute of Agriculture and Crop Production of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for more than 40 years.

After the presidential election on 9 August, she takes to the streets with a white-red-white flag, thereby expressing her citizenship. The woman is convinced that she has the right to do so guaranteed by the Constitution – she explained her position at one of the previous court sessions.

The witnesses for prosecution were the law and order enforcement officers. The court was presented with photos and videos. In one of the photographs presented by the police, the 75-year-old is holding a white-red-white marshmallow.

“Yes, this is how she expresses her protest – with a marshmallow,” police captain Yevgeny Semashko told the court.

Photo courtesy Nasha Niva, for illustrative purpose only

As a result, the court fined Iraida Misko with 20 basic units (BYN 540, which is about $204/€175 ). After the trial, the woman was informed that the police had other reports against her. In the afternoon, police officers searched her apartment and seized the computer.