Final Election Results Announced. 80,1% For Lukashenko, 10,1% For Tikhanovskaya

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus has announced the final presidential election results. According to this data, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won 2020 presidential elections with 80,1% of the vote.

As of August 14, a total of 5,818,955 people (84,28% of eligible voters) voted in the elections, and 2,806,640 people during early voting.

belarus presidential election results 2020 lukashenko

80,1% (4,661,075 people) voted for Alexander Lukashenko, 10,1% (588,622 people) for Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, 1,21% (70,671 people) for Andrei Dmitriyev, 1,67% for Anna Kanopatskaya (97,489 people), Sergei Cherecheny got 1,14% (66 613 people). 267,360 people (4,59%) chose the ‘none of the above’ option.

Dmitriev, Cherechen, Kanopatskaya and Tikhanovskaya filed complaints with the CEC about the non-recognition of the elections. The complaints of Dmitriev, Kanopatskaya and Tikhanovskaya were rejected. The CEC did not receive a complaint from Sergei Cherechen.

The candidate didn’t submit it to the CEC himself, explaining that “we are aware of the cases when a presidential candidate goes to the CEC and never goes back”. Therefore, his representatives went there to file a complaint. They were not allowed into the CEC and were eventually told to send a complaint by mail.